Learn How to Deal Poker: Beginning to End: Demo Video

- February 26, 2017



My name is Jeremy Martin, and Fred123 is my poker personality (http://facebook.com/mrfred23).

I consider myself a professional no limit texas holdem poker dealer. I have worked in the New York City underground card rooms since 2002. I love the action, I love the lifestyle.

This video demonstrates 3 key components of how to deal no limit texas holdem poker like a professional.

Part 1) The shuffle – demonstrates the professional (casino blackjack standard) shuffling of cards for poker.

Part 2) The pitch – demonstrates

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Comments (8)

  • is the water nakid?

    Dillon M - 1 month ago

  • awesome

    ThoughtRevolution - 8 months ago

  • you never actually deal a full poker hand! :(

    Vampire VIP - 8 months ago

  • i wanted to learn how to deal them, not how to shuffle them

    ZaMuMx - 15 months ago

  • Thanks for the Demo. I uploaded a card cheating video check it out thanks!

    Jioduude - 23 months ago

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