Learn How to Play Poker | 3-Betting Weak Hands | Poker Bites

- February 26, 2017



With Poker Bites you can learn how to play poker using our short interactive videos. This video will guide you through the learning process on 3-Betting weak hands. Teaching you how to improve your 3 Bet Poker Skills.

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  • ok, good start, but you should have shown some examples of how to react if you are called and which flops are good to bluff at and which are bad to bluff at based on the percieved range of your opponent

    ActivistVictor - 16 months ago

  • first hand. "fold is perfectly fine". "I chose to 3bet because I was in an agressive mood which is also fine". those poker coaches, I guess every play is fine...

    MCFoultier - 22 months ago

  • Would you like us to discuss another Poker Topic and learn how to play poker? please let us know in the comments below.

    PokerStars School - 44 months ago

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