Learn What Separates The Good vs Best Poker Players – Upswingpoker.com

- February 26, 2017



Doug Polk – the world’s best poker player – explains what separates the simply good poker players vs the very best poker players. See more at https://www.upswingpoker.com/

Talk talks about:
1. number of tables played
2 the amount of hours played.
3. how to focus your mental energy correctly
4. how many hands to play per day
5. doing work away from the table
6. how to move up in stakes


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Comments (79)

  • I think what really separates the good from the best is, the best are men.

    Maybe I'm chauvinistic but no matter how many tables I watch I have never seen a woman playing the best possible poker.

    John Player - 2 months ago

  • Hey Doug, big fan of your work, been playing for 10 years myself. Really enjoy your analysis of hands, it's always spot on with what I think 👌🏻 would love to play you heads up

    Arash Vaziri - 8 months ago

  • cool points - thanks. games are fun - keep up the good work.

    McGavel1 - 8 months ago

  • Thanks for the tips Doug,its much appreciated.

    beloved vega - 10 months ago

  • Hey Doug I hope you can start every video just like this. With the creepy "Hey guys" thanks

    James Grimaldi - 10 months ago

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