Poker Hand Range Analysis – Part 1 – Learn Poker

- February 26, 2017


The first of a three-part series where Dave ‘TheLangolier’ Roemer talks about the benefit of ranging our opponents when playing poker.

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  • The other thing is, wiith 32% winchance and a pot sized bet we only need him to thro away like 13-14% of hands that beats us to break even, I think that could still be +EV play unless the opponents are VERY good (or very agressive).

    Max White - 26 months ago

  • Why give up the hand? The odds after the river according to flopzilla were 2:1 in favor of the villain, so we should call every bet of him that is <pot ... besides that, this analysis is all fine and good, but how does it help us with our play? I dont have a flopzilla calculator in my brain, so without some rough estimations and guidelines for certain situations these numbers are pretty useless because they're only accessible in hindsight, or am I wrong here?

    Max White - 26 months ago

  • It's really great. Loved the video a lot. I also got a lot of use out of Leak Buster Hand range videos. Can't wait to watch the second part of this video. Thanks for uploading the videos. :-)

    Clifton Mccargo - 32 months ago

  • What does 'cap it' mean?  'Cap it on the flop'???

    Fockee Youie - 43 months ago

  • great video. i loved it

    Adam Ayala - 43 months ago

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