Poker Tells You Must Learn

- February 26, 2017


109 Comments – FREE eCourse packed with secrets and tips on how to win poker tournaments and cash games!

This video talks about poker tells you must learn!

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Comments (109)

  • This guy is gonna lose somebody A LOTTA MONEY!!!!

    The Roaring Blaze - 1 week ago

  • Great and simple video.

    Ryan Hammer - 1 week ago

  • Tells are overrated generally, but vs beginners the top ones to look for: 1. Shaking hands = very strong hand. This is the top one you'll see and the hardest for a player to hide. 2. Suddenly sitting up very straight = Very strong hand, player is very interested to see how much you'll bet as he expects to win. 3. Staring at flop for a long time = missed the flop, looking away from the flop quickly = hit the flop. Same for looking at hole cards. 4. Quiet player suddenly talking a lot after making a bet = strength, and vice versa talkative player going quiet.5. Player says something like, oh you have the ace? or whatever is high on the board or paired on board = they probably have it themselves. 6. Player goes all in and says something like, 'Ah it's time to go home anyway' = strength, they're bullshitting you, same with calling a bet after the flop or turn with an excuse like, 'ah sure I'll see one more'. 7. Touching/wiping their nose, they like their hand and intend to bet, dunno why but ppl do this when they are ready to battle like Bruce Lee 8. When betting big, if they count out their chips in a relaxed way, with a sort of rhythm or sing song way or use sort of flourishy hand movements (hard to explain but you'll know it when you see it/hear it), strong. Generally except for #2, relaxed happy behavior is strength, BUT that's when they're just after betting or just about to. Conversely if it's preflop and they're chatting away they probably don't have much and already decided to fold/limp when it's their turn to act, if they had a strong pair hole cards they'd be thinking how to play them not chatting.

    Steve E. Brown - 1 month ago


    x x - 8 months ago

  • if someone puts finger in his nose, he has the nuts

    abhineet gupta - 9 months ago

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