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- February 26, 2017



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PokerStars Team Pro Online players Isaac Haxton and Adrienne Rowsome take a look at a poker hand played by fellow Pro Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew. Randy’s faced with a tough decision on the river, but will he call or fold?

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  • It also sounds like Randy would have called the all to see the Villain's cards, except the Villain was required to show the cards without a call. Hats off to Randy for making good lay down though, even if he could have easily taken the pot down on the flop. Two pair on the flop--at that point you got to ask yourself what you are going to do later on, and I don't much like the thought of calling two pair down all the way, and neither did Randy. Two pair, as Randy admitted when he tucked his tail between his legs and took off, is not a strong holding.

    Cow Daddy - 6 months ago

  • randy high af

    Do you even Rift - 11 months ago

  • anybody else finds the call from villain bad? i mean he got checkraised on a super dry board, and only has a gutshot to drastically improve his hand, mb the club 10 isnt even a out for him anymore too.

    StFoIMba - 19 months ago

  • Well i am no pro but if the pokerstars pro had went ALLIN after the flop the other could not call with a gut shot.

    Sambulo Madongo - 21 months ago

  • I much prefer a lead on the turn then a check call on that blank river

    Allen Shen - 22 months ago

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