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- February 26, 2017



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PokerStars Team Pro Online players Isaac Haxton and Adrienne Rowsome take a look at a poker hand played by fellow Pro Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew. Randy’s faced with a tough decision on the river, but will he call or fold?

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  • I like the fold on the river, our opponent had the option to end the hand with a call, but instead raised in a spot with almost no fold equity. I would see him only having AJ clubs, but even then it's a clear fold for him, there are better bluff spots. If you have AJ clubs, what can we get to fold?

    EricSmyth14 - 24 months ago

  • I don't like the way randy played this hand this time actually. Firstly he checks the turn for pot control but then decides the villains bet is still a drawing hand rather than a made hand so then decides to raise and bloat the pot anyways. Secondly he leads the river and i much prefer a check call on the river all day. Why? Easy. If you check and villain goes all in...i would be pretty happy to fold k8 especially given the amount of aggresion randy has shown in this hand. I think this makes it alot less likely the villain would bluff that river. Secondly, if you check and villain bets say 190,000 ya can call it off and get to showdown without risking all your chips. Leaving you with a stack the same as LEADING the river with a bet and folding to a shove and not getting to show down. The benefits are pretty simple is this case and think nanonoko made a few mistakes here. However randy is an amazing player and these are just my thoughts on the way the hand played out

    TrickTappic* - 25 months ago

  • i will call this every day ^^ :)

    maninho544 - 30 months ago

  • Nice pot control on the turn with a check-raise... What the heck?

    pajzder - 31 months ago

  • first he said he wants to pot control, and then a change of mind greed decided to bloat the pot and then bets the river and fold to a check raise/shoved, why would you bloat that turn when u r not even sure where u at...outplayed and dumb play.

    ShutDFckOff - 32 months ago

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