Best WSOP 2015 Main Event Moments

- February 26, 2017



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The WSOP 2015 Main Event was another thrilling poker tournament with great hands, terrific poker, great poker bluffs and of course never ending drama and entertainment.

The best poker players in the world came to play the WSOP 2015 Main Event as they do each and every year, with them amateurs players and poker lovers who dream to become millionaires, famous, or just experience what the Main Event of the WSOP is all about.

In this compilation, we are proud to bring you the best WSOP 2015 Main Event moments (as we thought so), bringing you great poker hands, entertaining poker table talk and poker trash talk, some controversial moments, interesting key-points of the tournament like the elimination of Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu and more amazing WSOP 2015 Main Event moments.

This compilation is almost an hour long, yet it features the best poker moments from the entire tournament, from start to finish, all the way to the WSOP 2015 Main Event champion.

If you haven’t seen all the episodes, if you’ve missed a few or were just lazy to watch 26 episodes of the greatest poker tournament in the world, this video compilation will summarize for you all the was important, interesting and entertaining during the WSOP 2015 Main Event.

We hope you enjoy the video and ask you to let us know what you think of it, which part you loved the most, did we miss something you thought should have made it in this compilation and basically, share with us everything you think.

For more great, funny and entertaining poker videos, poker hands and more, please subscribe to our View on Poker channel, and we’ll do our best to keep entertain you time after time…

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