Daniel Negreanu on WSOP Main Event 2015 full length

- February 26, 2017



All Daniel Negranu Hands on World Series of Poker 2015(Main Event), can be used as a tutorial for offline poker players.

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  • this minkin chick deservers a punch for real so fuckin ugly.

    Albanstyler - 9 months ago

  • When people will start putting the stacks of the players?

    rafael tavares - 9 months ago

  • Congraduation ClubWPT.com Poker Tournament Hold-Em Event players championship graduation parties high roller dealer Live Startbuck coffee wifi trade rice farmings solar system our Sun gods blackhole at Las Vegas NV nationwide U.S. host shows.

    Thien C. Lee - 9 months ago

  • I love that other announcer that sounds like hes just spewing nonsense. thats me in a tv job

    This Robby Kid - 9 months ago

  • 28:02: Norman: "You had SQUADOOSH with a side of avocado!"

    Sammy/Tracy Maggio - 10 months ago

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